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Film and Television, with regard health and safety, in many parts of the world has developed a lot in the previous twenty years following some quite horrible accidents in the 1980’s. However, there can still be a belief that”safety” does not apply to creative business or a belief that the industry can manage without security skills.

There has been more attention on these businesses by police agencies in recent years and the industries themselves have developed a solid security industry and techniques – if folks know where to find them.


Duty is as always characterized by legislation – Film and TV can use different job titles but the key responsibilities stay.

Employer – Production Company:

As with any employer the Production Company is responsible for the overall safety of any movie or TV project. They require the same basic health and safety procedures as virtually any industry. This Production Businesses should have:

A fundamental security policy in place
A method of managing security – including clear responsibilities for essential employees
Adequate funds for your project letting it be manufactured safely
Methods of risk assessment and methods to ensure risk assessments are finished, acted upon and dispersed
accessibility to safety advice.
Executive and Senior Producers;

These jobs normally have overall responsibility for security on their Productions – they efficiently represent the manufacturing Company – but they may often get a Production Manager to perform the work.

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