The casino industry has changed rapidly over the years. A monumental moment occurred when casinos introduced slots. To begin with, slots had one theme and the format of every slot was the same. Slots have since developed. Slots at land-based casinos are grouped by different themes and gameplay styles.

Online casinos

The introduction of online casinos has offered many advantageous benefits to the casino industry. The accessibility of casinos. The ease of playing games. Gamers can now play casino games whenever and wherever they want to. They have the option to choose any classic or new casino game. Among these are slots. Online casinos have only increased the popularity of slots. Players can now choose between an array of different themes and versions. From Ancient Egypt to an African safari theme to outer space, gamers can travel through space and time with online slots.

Top slots to try

With so many different themes and versions to choose from it can be tricky knowing where to begin. That is why I have gathered a list of the highest RTP slots to try.

Monopoly mega ways

This slot offers gamers a twist on the classic family board game, โ€˜Monopolyโ€™. Monopoly is a well-known game that usually divides families and friends. Monopoly mega ways does not have this affect. You can play it from the comfort of your own home with a group of friends or complete strangers. Monopoly mega ways offer new and exciting designs as well as your initial stake increasing by 15,000. This new reel offers a whole load of bonuses along with 117,649 ways to win. The chances of a family feud with this online slot are non-existent.

Rainbow Riches

Whether you are a complete beginner or a frequent gamer, you will have heard of Rainbow Riches. The success of this slot is evident. You can not enter a casino (or even most pubs) without finding this slot. Which is why the fact that it is also available online is no surprise. Offering a wide range of different themes and gameplays, Rainbow Riches is a slot you have to play. This slot’s success is because of the vivid and immersive visuals. In a lively and vibrant game, gamers are totally absorbed. As you would expect, it just expanded its success by adding free spins. The version with the free spins is perhaps the most unobtrusive edition of Rainbow Riches. They reduced it to 10 pay lines, while also keeping the simple sounds and visuals that gamers fell in love with when it was first released.


The final slot you have to try is Starburst. This slot has surpassed every other slot and is possibly the most popular online casino slot to ever exist. Part of its appeal is due to its low volatility, ensuring frequent earnings and lots of exciting action. With an RTP of 96.10% it is no surprise that gamers love this slot. With odds as high as that it would be a mistake not to try this slot.

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