She coined the term”Friendshifts” to explain how relationships change through the years. As we age, our priorities shift. We enter new phases of our own ispace1. Some friendships become much more prominent. Others are placed on hold.
Celebrate Old Friends, New Friends Week by reaching out to individuals from yesteryear. Call your former classmates, colleagues, military buddies and anybody else that played an significant part in your life. And don’t forget to take a while to cultivate the new friendships.

Make The Effort
You might not consider friendship as work, but it will take effort. Your life is busy. You have likely lost touch with a number of the important people in your life. But if you are willing to make the time, you can restore and rebuild those old friendships.

Friendship does take effort, but it is always well worth it. Building your relationships will improve your life. And Old Friends, New Friends Week is a great time to start.

How are you going to celebrate your friendships?

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Moving to a different place, or going through any kind of circumstances that results in an upheaval of your friendship group, is always a hard – and frequently a debilitating – experience. Some people are fortunate and form a vibrant brand new friendship band based around neighbours, work colleagues or another friend already established in that new location. This might be attributed to any number of explanations.

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