It’s apparent that they considered participation in the new physiological civilization as being exceptionally important, a life-affirming activity permitting 토토사이트 to have the freedom and motion of their bodies. Lenin was convinced that both exercise and diversion were integral elements of a life span life. “Young individuals especially have to have a zest for life and also maintain great spirits. Healthful game – swimming, jogging pool, hiking all manner of bodily exercise – needs to be combined as far as possible with many different intellectual pursuits, research, analysis and evaluation… Healthy bodies, healthy minds!”

Unsurprisingly, in the wake of the revolution, the game would play a political role to the Bolsheviks. Facing external and internal dangers which would decimate the working class, they watched sport as a way by which the fitness and health of the populace could be made better.

“The real civilization of the older generation is a vital component in the total method of communist upbringing of young people, aimed at producing harmoniously developed human beings, inventive citizens of society.

Sport would also play an important part in different fields of political work. Before the revolution that the liberal educationalist Peter Lesgaft noted that”societal servitude has left its own degrading imprint on girls. Our job is to spare the feminine body of its own fetters”. The Bolsheviks tried to put his thoughts into practice. The place of women in society had been considerably improved through the legalisation of divorce and abortion, but game could play a part by bringing women into public life. “If we could attain this and make them make complete use of sunlight, water and air for strengthening themselves, we will bring an whole revolution in the way of life.”

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