“Kelong” started from the Malay language which depicts house on sticks. These houses can be found in the Asian nations predominantly adrift and they are utilized as traps station to get fishes. Kelongs are utilized to do aquaculture in this manner they are typically joined by Floating Farm (Floating Platform), these are the Fish Farm that are utilized in Fish Rearing.
The Kelong isn’t independent, it has no water pipe line s or power lines laid to the Kelong. The Kelong runs on diesel generators and water are expansive locally available by jerry jars. Arrangement is likewise recharged week by week. Transport to the Kelong and Fish Farm is by vessel in spite of the fact that there are sure Kelong in Asia is by the shore.
The Fish Farm would raise saltwater fishes like grouper, snappers and ocean bass. Gets of crabs and Lobster are likewise basic in certain Fish Farm. The ranches are generally self supporting as the fish nourishments utilized are given by the Kelong’s gets.
The Technology used to get fishes and shellfishes are still very custom yet effective. The Kelong utilizes ebb and flow stream and vertical sticks adhered to the seabed to direct reef of fishes into the Kelong where a primary Fishing Net resting at the seabed is standing by. The net would be lifted by machine to get the caught fishes.ย  cรก dฤฉa hoร ng tuแบฅn Nets openings are fine along these lines little fishes are additionally gotten. Different techniques for get are by the Fishing Traps, intended to be good concealing condition for fishes where simple passage yet troublesome exit is planned.
Working in Kelongs includes routine work, where the work runs 24 hour and day by day schedule must be part into move works. The laborers would gather fishes, clean nets, fix and keep up the Kelong and fish ranch. In the nearness present day world less individuals were eager to have these way of life in this manner these laborers found on board the Kelongs would end up being the proprietors.

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