This child in my Freshman year Intro to HTML class tried pitching me, every single day, to play the game with him.

I had never really played video games, especially online ones–I was a console gamer, and loved my Xbox. I asked him what it was going to be similar to, and he made the contrast to Everquest.

He explained that Everquest was, before World of Warcraft,”that the greatest MMORPG ever made.” He said people committed their lives to it. He said your guild became your family. He explained that even a few years later, people still played the identical intensity that they had 10 decades prior.

And then he said World of Warcraft was going to be all that and much more.

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World of Warcraft


I had a quite difficult time understanding what he meant with that. I hadn’t ever played an online game. I could not fathom making”friends” within the web. And I had never played with a single console game for over a year, possibly two. The thought of playing the identical game for ten years was incomprehensible.

World of Warcraft’s 10 year anniversary was just two decades ago. And my accounts remains there, and that I logged on the internet to perform for a few weeks.

It’s been over 10 years now since the game came out. And , 10+ years laterI still stay in contact with some of the folks I met through that match. I still read up on new expansions. I still play the game whenever I feel the need to pop my head back and say hello to this”alternate universe” this, in some sense, raised me.

And I am not the only one.

People still play World of Warcraft now since, not only is it an amazing match, but the game retains psychological memories for each one of its players.

That game was where I put a few of my most demanding goals–and reached them.

That match was where I met some of my closest friends.

This match was learned things about my work , my imagination, that I have since taken with me, and certainly will continue to carry with me for the remainder of my life.


Whenever someone tries to”quit” playing World of Warcraft, it is said it isn’t the game they miss, but the folks.

People still play today because, in various ways, to not play could mean saying goodbye to most, many friends.

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