Small apartments have the same small bathrooms. And in order to somehow increase the space, people resort to all sorts of tricks. Modern “inventors” have invented a lot of ways that do not “somehow”, but seriously visually change the dimensions of the bathroom.

The bathroom has long ceased to be a “place for a couple of minutes”.

selection of plumbing fixtures for the bathroom is the most important moment in the entire reconstruction. All items must correspond in size and shape to the bathroom. For example, a small bathroom is combined with a toilet, but here you still need to manage to fit a washing machine. For such a room, an ideal option has been developed: the room is visually divided in half. One part is a washing machine and a shower cubicle, which should occupy 2 corners of one wall. If the wall is so narrow that these attributes do not fit, then you can purchase a corner shower and a baby washing machine. By the way, some people install glass shelves or a cabinet with a mirror over the baby. A sink and a toilet are mounted at the second wall in different corners. A corner washbasin, over which a mirror will shine, will add charm to the bathroom. Plumbing located in this way will free up space in the center of the room, which, in fact, will create an optical illusion with scales;

  • light tones have always managed to favorably influence perception. Therefore, discreet shades are what you need. But if we are talking about white, then it must be combined with other bed paints in order to avoid the effect of a hospital room;
  • emphasis on accessories. Bright decor elements will stand out sharply in a bright bathroom, which will hide its true dimensions;
  • a darker edging around the perimeter of the ceiling will make the walls visually higher;
  • if the bathroom is narrow, then with the help of a horizontal strip in the middle of the wall it can be expanded, and vertical in the corners – made higher;
  • all items in the bathroom should be located either in pairs or in a group, and free-standing accessories can ruin everything, more precisely: form the effect – “nothing else fits”;
  • perfect order when little things are hidden. In addition, this principle works psychologically, that is, when a person does not see a mess, the space for him automatically increases;
  • curtains and other fabrics harm the desired result, so it is better to exclude their use altogether. But if this is not possible, then they need to be chosen in color with the walls of the bathroom;
  • a small bathroom will immediately “grow” if you play with mirrors. But this does not mean that mirrors must be sculpted on all walls. But if it is one for the whole wall or a mirror, shrouded in lamps, you cannot imagine better;
  • it is recommended to select fluorescent lamps, since artificial shades will visually narrow the room.
  • functional bathroom furniture

Errors when decorating a small bathroom:

A small bathroom will not only not increase, but will also become smaller if:

  • resort to patterns on the tiles, especially if they are large;
  • use bright colors, or a combination of opposite colors, for example: black – white;
  • curtains on the windows. If the window on the bathroom is very embarrassing, then you can install frosted glass or with a mirror finish;
  • podiums were designed for large luxury bathrooms in order to reduce space.

Observing all the rules, a small bathroom will truly be transformed. If you have any difficulties with the design, you can always turn to the designers for help.

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